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Sampling Service

2nd stage of the development flow

What's sampling?

Sampling is prototyping before a garment is finalized!  


What's the purpose of sampling?

Samples are made to create a visual representation from a design sketch, paper drawing is not necessarily the exact look as if they're sewn.


Is sampling a must?

Sampling is essential, as the pattern is made on flat paper, it has no drape and will not look the same as it's in fabric, and you cant just tape the papers on a body and call it the day. it does hug the body as a piece of fabric does.


How sampling help or do in development?

Even the same set of patterns will not produce the same look in all fabrics, the droopiness isn't the same in cotton poplin as it's in chiffon.


How many pieces do I need to sample?

Generally speaking, we recommend at least 1 sample per material, as different fabrication produces different drape effects and in the case of printed yardage, a sample is a must as solid will not give you the same look.


What are the types of sample?

Samples come in various names, a set for salesmen to present (it's called SMS), a set for showcasing (showroom samples), after all, they are all duplicate samples.

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