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Pattern Service

Patterning is the foundation building block of garment making, prototyping comes after.  

What's a pattern?

A pattern as the industry refers to, a set of papers that map out all necessary pieces to compose a garment, in plain English, means turning a flat 2D (pattern) into 3D wearable.


Why is a pattern essential?

For each garment to be sewn up, the first pieces of information a cutter needs is a pattern, without it there isn't a template to cut the fabric


What do yo need to draft a pattern?

A pattern is drafted base on body measurements and the designer's vision, it calls for as we mentioned above, measurements, a sketch, a determined size to be developed. 


What determine a set of good pattern?

Balance!  That's the one essential point to pay attention to, balancing a pattern is just as much work as drafting the 1st pattern.  Patterns that do not balance will not produce a good garment.


How many set of pattern in a product development cycle?

That really depends on material and needs.  Starting with the first draft, then cut in muslin to check the overall silhouette, adjustments will be applied if necessary.  After the initial set, there are factors like materials, even for the same style, different end materials will require different measurements and fit, hence a new set of patterns. 


What's next after a set of pattern is finalized?

After finalizing a set of pattern, customer can digitalize it for either storage or send oversea for production. 

Keep in mind that when digitalized a pattern, not only does it turn the paper pattern to digital format, also can be scaled to various sizes. 

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